June - Malmrose/Brandenburg Reunion

While in California, we had a family reunion of those who could make it down that way.  Southern California is beautiful except for the TRAFFIC, ugh.  We had forgotten how busy Pacific Coast Hwy. is.  Nice place to visit, but we wouldn’t want to live there.

We met in a park/campground in Malibu.  You can see from the pictures what fun we all had playing and just being together.  We held a family night around the campfire and shared our thoughts and blessings as a family.  The “cousins” from Candi’s family and Amber’s family and Audra’s family sure had fun together, as did all the “grown-ups.”  What a blessing our family is.






Marriott Condo Stay

We stayed with Ginger and Joe in a condo and had a lot of fun sharing our time together in such a beautiful setting.  Audra’s kids really enjoyed swimming in the beautiful pools.  You can see from the pictures, what a talented bunch we are.




Brandenburg Mission at Santa Monica Institute

Gerald’s sister Ginger and hubby Joe are serving a full time mission in Santa Monica at the Institute for college students.  They are living in the house that the Church owns next door to the institute building.  They took us on a tour of both.  It brought back memories to me, as that is the first college I went to when I was a young adult.  What a wonderful place to serve the youth of the Church.  They are doing a great job, we are sure!