2012 Malmrose Update - Daniel, Susan, Nathaniel, Catherine & Elijah

Daniel moved his snowboard factory to St George, UT, which means we moved there, too. 100 degree heat we can handle. I'm not sure about 30 degree cold in the winter.

Last Christmas we got a dog, which we named Toki Wartooth after a cartoon character. He quickly became Toki Doki, which Cat says is Japanese for "Sometimes." It's fitting because sometimes he's a sweetie, and sometimes he's a pain in the rear.

Daniel: Business is thriving better than ever. Working really long hours when necessary, but also mountain biking whenever he can (St George is riddled with bike trails).

Susan: Still coding websites freelance from home, and still taking lots and lots of pictures.

Nathaniel: Working full time for his dad and planning on getting back into school next year to study architecture.

Cat & Christien: Moved in with Susan's parents in Sequim and love it there. They've been a big help to the Mellotts who have been having health issues. Cat is working at Staples, and Christien is going to be taking classes at Peninsula College.

Elijah: Graduated high school! And has shows with his band at least once a month back in Orange County. It's a long drive, but we all enjoy getting back to Cali so it hasn't been a hardship. Since moving to Utah, he has written 14 songs, which makes for a total of 7 albums and 2 EPs that he's written. (But they've only recorded 4 songs so far.)